What the hell is MUG COSTANZA?
Designer, illustrator and sculptor Greg DeLuis and visual artist Ashley DeLuis work together to create art toys under the brand, Mug Constanza Toys. The line includes many original characters and storylines. Each original sculpt is done meticulously by Greg, by hand. As a Luthier, Greg has been sculpting and designing for over 20 years. In addition to the original lines there are also irreverent, kit bashed collage pieces that draw from 70's, 80's and 90's toy lines, art toys as a tribute to mysticism, and toys as a commentary on senseless war, corporate greed and corrupt governments. Many themes focus on surreal alternate realities and multiverse riffs on classic archetypes. Everything MUG does is first and foremost an emphasis on high level craft and execution. 
What the hell is MEDEUCES WILD?
Exploring more feminist themed art toys, the brand MEDEUCES WILD was created. Main themes focus on feminist/third wave feminism. feminist porn, pop culture references, making fun of patriarchal figures in the media and history, science fiction based erotic art, monster worship, disney themes, vintage smut and 80's/90's culture. Together, Greg and Ashley create hand cast resin art toys and figures for Medeuces. The "zine cardback" is an identifier for the brand, as all of Ashley's years spent in dingy punk band houses in Portland, OR making zines have finally payed off! (or has it? ha). All casting and sculpting is done by Greg.

 We like crystals, also pizza. We are here to make you toys for your weird brain.  -xoxo G&A